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With under-fives missing some of the basic health standards, Gabriella Jozwiak takes a look at what is being done to improve nutrition in the early years.

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole is a senior research fellow in disability studies and psychology, at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University.

The influence of genes on the reading ability of children is limited, claims research.

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole looks at the likely impact of the benefits cap

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole examines the new 'Bedroom tax'.

Children from low-income families should have more support in the early years to tackle their speech, language and communication needs says a cross-party group of MPs and peers.

Children are missing out on vital speech and language therapy and starting school without the language skills they need, according to new research by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

Whenever I visit a Nordic country, I'm mistaken for a native. I probably have some Viking blood in my ancestral line. That might explain why I've always admired the Nordic countries. More likely, they are admirable because they get so much right, not least their world-class early-years education and childcare systems.

The outgoing communication champion, who this week published a final report.

Cuts across the country are a significant threat to vital speech and language services for children and young people, the outgoing communication champion has warned.