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A new study suggests that replacing sugar in the diets of obese children with starchy foods like crisps and pizza dramatically improves their health.

A coalition of health professionals, academics, nutritionists and campaigners are calling for a tax on sugar to protect the health of children in the UK.

A new pilot project will see accredited nutritionists work with early years providers to help them develop and maintain a culture of healthy eating and nutrition in their settings.

Nursery World and the Children's Food Trust have joined forces to launch a nationwide survey of provision of food in early years settings

Stationhouse Nursery in Portishead and its sister nursery Lakehouse are among some of the first nurseries in the South West to receive a Children's Food Trust Award.

The South-East based nursery group has become the first childcare provider in the country to receive a Children’s Food Trust seal of approval for its menu.

Parents are being urged to cut sugar out of children’s diets, following a major Government review.

Ofsted should regularly inspect food and nutrition in early years settings, a parliamentary group has said.

Ireland and the UK have the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe, according to a new data analysis.

The British Heart Foundation is calling for the Government to bring in a ban on advertising unhealthy food during family shows on television.

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