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Mealtimes can present a number of challenges for both practitioners and parents. Penny Tassoni looks at the key issues and suggests some ways of addressing them.

Penny Tassoni shows how routine mealtimes can be a rich source of learning

Handing over dietary control to a nursery may save you time, but it is a concern if the food isn't healthy, says Working Mum.

Sugar intake can make a very real difference to children's health. Laura Whiting lists the ten things practitioners need to know.

Teaching children about where their food comes from nurtures healthy eating and an understanding of the world. Annette Rawstrone explains.

What should practitioners think about when considering nutrition in the context of the two-year-old programme and the families involved? Diana Hawdon offers some guidance.

The recent expansion of free school meals has presented difficulties for many, but schools are finding ways to make it work. Katy Morton reports

Snapdragons Keynsham is influencing children, practitioners and parents in the way they eat. Ruth Thomson visited to find out how.

Practitioners with nutritional knowledge are key to instilling healthy habits in children. Meredith Jones Russell looks at the training options.

Making a decision on whether to outsource food provision can be a complex business. Ruth Stokes looks at what nurseries should consider.