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It is time to highlight the essentials of effective early years practice in schools, says Nancy Stewart

I am increasingly concerned that the tail is wagging the dog when it comes to meeting the needs of our youngest children in education

Policy makers need to engage more deeply with what research is telling us about young children's development

If new practitioners are trained in a new qualification that doesn't even mention play, will they be the informed professionals that children deserve?

As the Government rolls on with its plans to set education back by 30 years, consultation follows consultation.

Nancy Stewart is concerned about the extent of Ofsted's changing role and powers

Under the new EYFS Profile there is a danger that thousands of children could be wrongly labelled as falling behind, says Nancy Stewart

The early years sector needs to stand up and fight the Government's proposed childcare reforms, says Nancy Stewart

On three occasions in recent weeks, in far-flung counties, I have been thrilled to hear practitioners presenting passionately to a group of their peers their own learning journeys, and the impact on the children and families they support.

It's not surprising that early years practitioners who study and gain qualifications are most likely to be able to offer positive support for developing children.

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