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As children aged one to two discover how to use words, give an added dimension to the process with fun songs, as Alice Sharp suggests.

Children need poetry early on if they are to appreciate it throughout life. Viv Hampshire suggests some activities and books for making a start.

Practitioners put their ears to the ground when thinking how to promote language development, as Nicola Hutton and Laura Leddy explain.

Organising children to sing songs along to actions or stories is the focus of another movement session by Helen Bilton.

Ideas for engaging with children from birth to 12 months using sounds and movement are suggested by Alice Sharp.

An elephant goes like this and that. She's terribly big, And terribly fat. She has no fingers, She has no toes, But goodness gracious, what a nose! Babies and young children...

Children's musical experiences at home and how practitioners can build on them in an early years setting are explored by Susan Young in an extract from her new book, Music 3-5.

Nicky's Nursery Rhymes at

In the first of a new series on creative play with the under-threes, Alice Sharp offers satisfying ways to make music with children from birth to 12 months.

There are endless ways to incorporate music into your provision, says Jane Drake, and just as many things children can learn from it.