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What we can learn from the late early years teacher, researcher and author Vivian Gussin Paley

Amid all the doom and gloom, it is important to remember why we work in the early years and what we, and others, get out of it

Gender stereotyping needs to be tackled, but we shouldn’t take choice away from children in the process

As a caring profession, the early years sector can play a role in shifting priorities away from profit and towards well-being

For how much longer can we rely on the goodwill and vocation of early years professionals while paying them so poorly?

Assessing children against a framework intended to promote good practice doesn’t make sense – except, perhaps, to the Government

Extra funding for nursery schools should not divide an early years sector united by inadequate pay, status and Government vision

Do parents stand a chance of doing the right thing for their children when Government and business seem intent on ruining their future?

Just like adults, children’s personal preoccupations and troubles, no matter how trivial they seem to us, can get the better of them

Some subjects can be a challenge to approach in the classroom, but are made easier by looking at them from children’s perspectives