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Penny Tassoni has plenty of activities with shapes and sizes to try at home

Teaching the concepts of shape and size requires the right vocabulary, but incorporating everyday tasks, jigsaw puzzles and construction is equally important - and ideal at home, says Penny Tassoni

A project from the National Day Nurseries Association is empowering graduates to take the lead in settings to improve the maths skills and confidence of practitioners. Meredith Jones Russell reports.

Giving parents step-by-step information about how the concept of number is developed can encourage them to support their children to count at home. Penny Tassoni explains.

Counting is important for learning mathematics.

In the first of a two-part series on pattern, Nicole Weinstein looks at the concept that underpins it all - mathematics -and suggests resources to encourage children to design, build or observe patterns in order to make sense of the world around them.

Structured games designed to encourage children to estimate numbers can improve their mathematical abilities later on in life. Dr Jo Van Herwegen explains how the approach works.

Children's ability to estimate is more important to their mathematical development than counting, explains Jo Van Herwegen.