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A new report outlines what nurseries and childminders can do to close the gap in maths attainment for children, especially for those from less privileged backgrounds.

Introducing young children to the concept of number should be easy and entertaining. Penny Tassoni provides some tips

There are many developmental benefits of cooking. Penny Tassoni provides some tips for settings

Don't miss Penny Tassoni's seminar 'Supporting children's mathematical thinking', part of our great line-up of CPD opportunities.

A YouTube video of astronaut Tim Peake has revealed which salad rocket seeds planted by UK children actually went into space as part of the national Rocket Science experiment – the seeds in the blue packet.

In the final part of this series, Judith Dancer takes a look at supporting the maths development of four- and five-year-olds

Supporting the maths development of four-year-olds requires meeting this age group’s widely varying needs, writes Judith Dancer

How can settings best support the particular maths development needs of three-year-olds, asks Judith Dancer in the fourth part of this series

Supporting the maths development of two-year-olds is an important task, Judith Dancer explains

The EYPP is a chance for settings to focus on numeracy, for both the children and the staff. Charlotte Goddard reports