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How to combine mark-making activity with the outdoors environment. By Julie Mountain

Discover Children’s Story Centre is immersing visitors in stories. Annette Rawstrone reports

To create a communication rich environment for their charges, Norland Nursery staff studied their own communication patterns. By Clare Crowther

When it comes to assessing your book corner for two-year-olds, take a look at it through children's eyes and provide a feelgood experience, advises Anne O'Connor.

Observe, then give your book corner a makeover, advises Michael Jones.

The whole learning environment in which young children spend their time needs to offer quality language provision, says Helen Moylett.

Using simple tools with simple rules will reward children with a wealth of learning and skills development, says early years consultant Linda Pound.

Outdoors, children can lose their inhibitions when it comes to reading, writing and talking - and the right mix of resources can help, says Helen Bromley.

Observe how absorbed the children can become in particular schemas when you provide resources and activities suggested by Diana Lawton.

Imagination is the most valuable resource for creating spaces where children love to talk, says Elizabeth Jarman.