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Let wet weather be a cause for celebration and learning with outdoor and indoor activity ideas by Helen Bromley.

Think big for a project on giants and similar fantasy folk characters, with activity suggestions from Judith Stevens.

Children will enjoy being as inventive as the mouse at the centre of a fascinating story with the provision of well-stocked resources and activities across the setting, as suggested by Helen Bromley.

Create night in the day, or wait until dark, for a host of imaginative activities indoors and outdoors that will help children explore their natural fascination with the night, suggested by early years adviser Judith Stevens.

With the right mix of 'ingredients', children will be able to explore their interest in baking and consolidate their learning across the EYFS curriculum, says Judith Stevens.

See how some of children's favourite playthings can build the foundations for further learning when you provide the best resources in each area of provision in your setting, with suggestions from Helen Bromley.