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2018 has been very tough for those in early years education and childcare – and it is hard to predict what the new year will bring

Our investigations into the effects of the national funding formula and 30 hours on nursery provision are deeply concerning

A sluggish start for Tax-Free Childcare with a £600m underspend seems to say you can't give money away! What is going wrong?

The full implementation of the revised Early Learning Goals is not due until 2020, but a change of course is needed now

Ofsted’s planned move away from an emphasis on data will be welcomed by schools, as the phonics check causes concern

Labour’s proposed childcare revolution tackles some persistent problems, but it must be able to put its money where its mouth is

The new school year has begun in a hailstorm of reports, but will their findings result in any significant changes ?

With official guidance on early years learning and development hard to find, we should welcome a new resource for music

It might not be such a happy first birthday for the 30 hours programme as parents start to protest over extra charges

With levels of childhood obesity in crisis, everyone must take swift action to tackle poor diets and lack of physical exercise

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