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You could almost hear the collective cheer from the early years sector that went up when Professor Cathy Nutbrown finally unleashed her disparaging response to the Government proposals in 'More Great Childcare'.

Every year the Daycare Trust releases its survey of childcare costs, prompting outrage at the fees charged for nursery and childminder places.

Impassioned reactions to the Government's 'More Great Childcare' reforms continue to pour in, as you can see from our News pages, our Letters page and our website.

Calm, rational lobbying is what is needed

In my last Editor's View, I started by saying that there was still no sign of government announcements about the Nutbrown Review and the Childcare Commission. Two weeks on - and we're still waiting.

Still no pronouncement on ratios, regulation and childcare affordability as Nursery World went to press, but by the time you read this, the Government may well have released its response to Nutbrown and the Childcare Commission.

Although there has been no response yet from the Government to the Nutbrown review of early years qualifications and workforce, there have been some interesting clues emerging as to what some of the decisions might be.

Two is definitely the magic number in the early years sector at the moment, referring of course to two-year-olds - the free places for the 40 per cent most disadvantaged, the Progress Check and all the challenges of funding, provision and practice.

The Government and several of the think tanks that sympathise with its policies are making a lot of noise about the cost of childcare and about how it must be made more affordable to parents.

New technology is throwing an unexpected challenge at nursery staff.