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Noticing what a baby is attending to, and then talking to them about it, boosts language development. By Dr Danielle Matthews, Dr Michelle McGillion and Professor Julian Pine

The revamped Mencap Children’s Centre in Northern Ireland provides a range of essential specialist learning disability services. By Karen Faux

Settings are invited to taking part in a £680k trial looking at the effects on children of boosting their parents' teaching skills and confidence.

The sector has welcomed the Government’s recognition of the inequality of access to childcare for children with special educational needs and disabilities, but has questioned how far its proposed reforms will go.

The increasingly popular BASE Babywatching programme aims to boost children’s empathy in order to tackle violence in schools and beyond. Griselda Kellie-Smith and Andrea Perry explain how it works

Allexton Day Nursery, Leicester

Dukes and Duchesses, Liverpool

Working parents are increasingly demanding good quality childcare for a basic standard of living, according to a child poverty charity which is calling for a ‘real living wage’ to help reach that goal.

Testing in schools is creating an ‘apartheid system’ in the young that is ‘killing the joy of reading’ according to a leading children’s author.

Funding from the Early Years Pupil Premium led to a Natural Explorers project in Hackney that benefited the whole nursery and children’s centre, write Lisa Clarke and Fran Paffard