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Make sure that your setting is getting the most out of your sensory room, says Nicola Phillips, hospital play specialist.

Having a dog on the staff team provides an added attraction for children at one nursery learning about its owner's disability. Annette Rawstrone reports.

Children who stammer will have their say in new information DVDs for the school workforce and special needs professionals, as Ruth Thomson finds out.

Should childcarers allow aggressive play, and where does the line have to be drawn? Elaine Lee considers the views of various professionals.

Poetry is portable in these suggestions for learning, sharing and having fun from Helen Bromley.

If a setting is to be a true 'extension of home', that must include displaying and respecting the artefacts important to various communities, from Christmas tree to chamsah, says Rachel Friedman.

When children are exposed to a wide range of thought-provoking experiences and encouraged to make their own decisions, they will take responsibility for their learning. Marion Dowling shows how.

Consulting children requires clear objectives and considerations of practical issues. Dr Neil de Reybekill and Lynn Beckett show how.

Sometimes overlooked or left to art activities, pattern is fundamental to children's understanding of mathematics, says Judith Stevens.

Spot potential visual problems and help young children learn to care for the glasses they may have to wear with advice from Viv Hampshire.