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With the news that the UK has lost its measles-free status, Katy Morton looks at which vaccinations children require and when

How one setting in West Sussex is encouraging the children to go barefoot outside. Meredith Jones Russell reports

With regular planting, you can grow a steady supply of lettuces throughout summer.

What’s being done to tackle junk food advertising and its adverse effects on children’s health, asks Meredith Jones Russell

Radishes can be ready to harvest just four to eight weeks after sowing and their roots are delicious added to salads.

Annabelle Padwick is the founder of Life at No27, a non-profit organisation using plant-growing sessions in nurseries and schools to support children struggling with loneliness and mental and physical ill-health.

Best practice for keeping hydrated

What are the latest guidelines and opinion when it comes to physical activity? Meredith Jones Russell reports

Courgettes are easy to grow and while the vegetables themselves are delicious, so too are their flowers.

How are the financial difficulties facing some families affecting early years settings, and what are they doing to help, asks Meredith Jones Russell

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