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Sugar intake can make a very real difference to children's health. Laura Whiting lists the ten things practitioners need to know.

Practitioners with nutritional knowledge are key to instilling healthy habits in children. Meredith Jones Russell looks at the training options.

Vitamin D is a vital ingredient for many aspects of development, but how can you make sure children are getting enough?

The current crop of training programmes covers a broad range of topics related to health. Hannah Crown rounds up some of the options.

Are we getting any closer to understanding childhood obesity? And what should early years practitioners be doing to help prevent it? Professor Pinki Sahota offers expert advice.

In a letter to all parents of young children, Dr Raj Thakkar offers some guidance on both common and more serious medical conditions, what symptoms to look out for, and how to treat them

Is it time to consider seven portions and six colours when planning children's intake of fruit and vegetables? By June Graham

Spread the word next month about the importance of good oral health and hygiene

How can we make sure children are getting enough fluids - and what exactly should they be drinking? June Graham offers some advice.

Far from being an inferior option, vegan alternatives provide healthy and delicious baking choices that all the children can share and enjoy together, says June Graham

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