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Parents will want their child's carer to know how to manage eczema. WellChild Helpline offers advice.

Children are at risk from the growing culture of drinking in the UK. Professor Moira Plant looks at the range of possible effects.

Try using resources as suggested by Helen Bilton photo at coombes school, Reading, by Teri Pengilley

Children may remain emotionally affected long after an accident. Annette Rawstrone hears how.

A drop in the uptake of the MMR vaccine has led to an increase in this virus with the spotty rash. The WellChild helpline offers advice.

Kate Hart Dyke used a favourite story to take her children on a nutritious learning journey.

Vaccination has drastically reduced whooping cough in the UK, but it can still strike young children. The WellChild helpline offers advice.

Practitioners wondering how to deal with a child's toileting difficulties are advised by Maria Robinson.

Children in nurseries are being served less healthy food than those in schools, as an extensive new report shows. Simon Vevers reports.

Young children need to learn about healthy foods while they enjoy eating them. Jean Evans hears how one setting does it.