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The age at which children receive the MMR vaccine in Northern Ireland has fallen from 15 months to 13 months, bringing them in line with the rest of the UK.

A top health expert has proposed that all children should be required to have the MMR vaccine before they start nursery and school.

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme pilots will be extended to 12,000 families by 2015, health secretary Andrew Lansley said last week.

'Doctor, my son has been wheezy for the last few nights. I'm worried he has asthma'.

The public health minister has confirmed the country is to get 4,200 extra health visitors.

National Day Nurseries Association Cymru has joined forces with the Forestry Commission to offer nurseries in Wales free support in developing outdoor learning opportunities for children.

Children who regularly go swimming have a decreased risk of asthma, according to European researchers who analysed data from 5,738 children in the UK and found that those who had wheezed before age three and a half were less likely to develop asthma by age seven if they swam.

Babies who develop jaundice are at a greater risk of autism and other psychological development disorders, according to a new study.

At a point when most parents are just about getting on top of feeding their babies with milk, the world of weaning beckons.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder could be genetic rather than caused by a bad diet, as commonly suggested, says a new study.