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Patrick Hayes, director of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA,) says that forthcoming policy moves should expand the childcare market, but not without challenges

The Government’s Review of childcare costs is supposed to set the sector’s mind at rest – but it only muddies the water further, says Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance

Stephen Burke says that there is a looming crisis for the childcare market as new initiatives roll out

Linda Symons, owner of Kidz Kabin, London, says the 30-hour policy is untenable, and parents should know the truth about the cost

One nursery owner shares his thoughts on the Call for Evidence and funding review.

Pre-school Learning Alliance Chief Executive Neil Leitch says the Government must look at the evidence when revising free hours funding

On the face of it, the Government's policy of increasing 'free' childcare to 30 hours a week seems like a jolly good idea.

While the funding review is great news, Neil Leitch warns the sector to stay focussed.

What are the implications of recent research for investment in childcare, ask Vidhya Alakeson

An independent review of childcare funding is needed to make sure the free offer works well, says Jill Rutter of the Family and Childcare Trust