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There’s a plethora of grants out there, if you know where to find them. Caroline Voogd goes on the hunt

What do childcare providers need to know when it comes to helping parents with the 30-hours computer application system? Hannah Crown tries to plug the gaps

What the ‘20 per cent off-the-job training’ rule means exactly, and how it can be delivered, have been causing headaches for employers and training companies alike. Ross Midgley has some answers

Parents in Wigan have been encouraged to get a job or take on more work because of the 30 hours, finds Charlotte Goddard

Although concerns remain, some settings in Portsmouth report success so far with the 30 hours trial, writes Charlotte Goddard, while James Hempsall gives his take

York’s pilot was hit when providers refused to take part. What is happening now the rate has been raised, asks Charlotte Goddard, while James Hempsall gives his take on the pilot

What are schools forums and why do they matter? With funding set to take on an extra dimension from September with the free entitlement extension to 30 hours, Charlotte Goddard investigates

The way that councils are setting rates for 30 hours funding varies widely across the country. Jo Parkes assesses some big differences in approach

In the country’s least densely populated county, Northumberland, the council is using the 30 hours trial to find out how to cater for geographically isolated families. Charlotte Goddard reports

Throughout my career as a social worker, my interest in the welfare of young children has been focused on some of the most vulnerable in society – those on the edge of or in care, or those adopted.