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Children often like to bring their own items into nursery, and how staff handle this is important, says Working Mum

Public Health England is stepping up its campaign to make breastfeeding in public more acceptable, with a collection of animated short films

An inclusive programme is developing parents’ self-esteem and family relationships by looking at the importance of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Annette Rawstrone explains

Many families across the UK are struggling financially, and the situation may be about to get worse – but nurseries are finding ways to offer practical support. Annette Rawstrone reports

How are settings using the EYPP to work with parents? In the second of a seven-part series, Charlotte Goddard investigates

Different language rules and cultural attitudes to how children learn provide some valuable insights for practitioners working with bilingual children. Professor Elena Lieven explains.

The transition to formal learning needs to be handled with sensitivity to help children and parents adapt, says Working Mum.

The knack of making parents feel their children are loved and cherished has much value, says Working Mum.

All children need love, but a key person's part in providing it should be considered with care.

A five-day intensive course on psychotherapy gave practitioner Rachel Cowie the tools to understand children's motives.