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Penny Tassoni has plenty of activities with shapes and sizes to try at home

Christmas is a special occasion - but it can come a little too early in some nursery settings, argues Working Mum.

In a globalised world, building overseas relationships has never been easier. Catherine Gaunt talks to three nursery groups about how it's done.

Advance notice will be needed for shared leave, says Jacqui Mann.

Nursery practitioners' enthusiasm about starting school and links with teachers really eases the transition, says Working Mum.

Lack of suitable out-of-school provision presents difficulties for parents forced to juggle responsibilities, says Working Mum.

Austerity measures are having a knock-on effect on the provision of mental health services around the UK. Gabriella Jozwiak investigates what this means for those in need of support.

When parents separate, caregivers outside the family can provide essential protection, love and stability to the children affected. Dr Penelope Leach explains how.

How practitioners deal with an incident such as biting can make a big difference to the outcome for child and parent, says Working Mum

The programme of free childcare for two-year-olds doesn't just benefit children but gives parents a new lease of life too, says James Hempsall.