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One award-winning school in London strives to be gender-neutral and help children embrace different family make-ups. By Nicole Weinstein

Considering investing in an online learning journal? Want to know more about the pros and cons? A specially convened Nursery World panel has taken a look at some of the options available

You can recreate a seaside experience by careful choice of resources, says Nicole Weinstein.

Another dimension of storytelling is opened up with the use of a learning device described by Jean Evans.

Threading and lacing resources help develop hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Early years setting assess a selection for Nicole Weinstein.

Musical instruments can help children develop the sound recognition skills essential for reading, spelling and writing. Early years settings call the tune as they try out a few for Nicole Weinstein.

One nursery combines learning through play with family involvement by making science boxes. Mary Evans finds out what it's all about.

Nursery children gained a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment from a project in making their own paper.