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New resources for role play are reviewed by early years settings that observed how the children used them and reported back to Mary Evans.

New products for play and learning indoors and outdoors are previewed by Ruth Thomson.

Puzzles, magnets and wind equipment set fun challenges for early science exploration in products that childcarers tested for Mary Evans.

A round-up of new products, from protective clothing to farm toys, compiled by Ruth Thomson.

Early years settings try out the latest products to help young children learn about how cultures around the world observe their festivals and religious traditions, and report back to Mary Evans.

A mix of practical new resources for early years settings are reviewed by Ruth Thomson.

Construction block sets are among the essential equipment that any nursery will have, but that doesn't mean they're all alike. Mary Evans hears how early years settings rate a variety of the latest products.

A round-up of new products to set out for indoor activities, compiled by Ruth Thomson.

Children are bound to actively engage with these new products previewed by Ruth Thomson.

New products for practical or fun use in the early years are rounded up by Ruth Thomson.

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