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Ofsted calls for early years experts

  • Thursday, August 30, 2018
Ofsted is calling for academics, researchers and practitioners to apply to take part in a new early years forum to debate early years teaching and practice.

Baby rooms - Still room for improvement?

Good practice begins with babies, but nurseries have historically focused more on older children. Three years on from the Baby Room Project, Hannah Crown asks if anything has changed.

Leadership - so much to say about books

At Southwark Primary School in Nottingham, nursery leader Pip Otter is exploring the potential of the 'dialogic book talk' approach, which promotes early language and literacy

NW writer to be UK's forum rep

  • Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Laura Henry, Nursery World contributor and managing director of training and business support company the Childcare Consultancy, has been appointed the UK's national representative for the World Forum Foundation on Early Care and Education.

In my view - Tiny brains under stress

Penelope Leach writes: My latest book, The Essential First Year, aims to empower parents to make decisions about their babies based on information rather than on hearsay, tradition or fashion. Within it, the topic that has attracted more attention than any other is 'controlled crying'.

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