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New products for practical or fun use in the early years are rounded up by Ruth Thomson.

Outdoor play offers children the opportunity to move feely and to work on a larger scale than is often possible indoors. Early years settings test out a selection of the latest resources designed for outdoor learning and report back to Nicole Weinstein

Wheeled toys help develop children's gross motor skills and co-ordination and encourage co-operative play. Children in early years settings give the latest variations on bikes, trikes and scooters a road test and the practitioners tell Nicole Weinstein how they went

Puzzles can help young children to develop their fine motor skills and give them a great sense of achievement when they're done. Nicole Weinstein asked early years settings to put some together.

This round-up of new products compiled by Ruth Thomson is the first of a new monthly series.

You don't need a high-tech sensory room to stimulate children's senses. Early years settings test some of the latest resources for sensory play and tell Nicole Weinstein what they think of them.

Threading and lacing resources help develop hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Early years setting assess a selection for Nicole Weinstein.

Musical instruments can help children develop the sound recognition skills essential for reading, spelling and writing. Early years settings call the tune as they try out a few for Nicole Weinstein.

Dolls enable children to act out real-life situations, learn about human growth and develop their fine motor skills. Early years settings tested some new specially-designed dolls for Nicole Weinstein

Small-world play offers children the chance to explore real and imagined worlds in miniature. Early years settings put a range of small-world play equipment to the test and report back to Nicole Weinstein.