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Digital storybooks add a fascinating new element to using narratives. Marianne Sargent provides a step-by-step guide to creating them.

Children learn to handle the responsibility of choice at one nursery's snack bar. Helen Dashfield explains.

The foundation for learning is the physical readiness nurtured by carers in the years before a child starts school, writes Sally Goddard Blythe.

Think about ways to encourage children to be independent, to express their preferences and gain a sense of personal identity with these examples of practice from Plum Harrison.

Some of the most challenging and most rewarding audiences that actors face are in schools and nurseries, as Judith Napier hears.

A visitor showed children the way to get more involved in a local community event, and their response revealed much to nursery staff about their thinking, says teacher Tessa Fenoughty.

Visits are invaluable to young children's learning. Heading out on a trip can provide meaningful contexts for learning, broaden children's experience and feed their insatiable desire to explore.

Imagination is a vital part of learning and development because it lets children understand and adapt to the wider world, says early years consultant Linda Pound.

Nursery children heeded the SOS message about rubbish and recycling. Ruth Thomson reports.

Is the Early Years Foundation Stage helping or hindering those working with the children between nursery and formal schooling? Melanie Defries hears about a complex task.