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Organising children to sing songs along to actions or stories is the focus of another movement session by Helen Bilton.

Now's the time to go out on a leaf hunt and discover how many areas for learning they can lead you to. Try starting with these ideas from Carole Skinner, Fran Mosley and Sheila Ebbutt.

Creativity underpins all the learning at Kingsland Nursery School. Head teacher Nicola Mulliner explains why, in the first of an occasional series featuring Stoke-on-Trent's outstanding nursery schools.

Ideas for engaging with children from birth to 12 months using sounds and movement are suggested by Alice Sharp.

In any kind of setting you can provide a way for children to get close to nature while doing their part in its care. Mary Whiting shows how.

In the bag

Well-meaning early years settings may provide dolls like disabled children for the sake of inclusive practice, but it could end up doing more harm than good, as Mary Evans hears from the experts.

An elephant goes like this and that. She's terribly big, And terribly fat. She has no fingers, She has no toes, But goodness gracious, what a nose! Babies and young children...

Observation of children's interests as they play is at the heart of activities based on a favourite theme in both books and play materials set out by Diana Lawton.

What is meant by continuous provision, and what does it require of early years practitioners? Anne O'Connor explains the key elements.