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Parents and Children Together (PACT), a new parent-delivered teaching programme, has led to gains in children’s early language and reading skills. Kelly Burgoyne, Rachel Gardner, Helen Whiteley and Charles Hulme report on the project

How targeted intervention at one setting in Newark-on-Trent is bringing children struggling with speech, language and communication up to speed. Katy Morton reports

A project run by a nursery in the West Midlands with the University of Worcester is helping parents to support their children’s language development, explain Alison Prowle and Nicola Stobbs

Ten years ago, a landmark study was published on speech and language development. A follow-up report is being prepared for next year, with parents now invited to submit evidence to a panel. Hannah Crown speaks to its chair

How a ‘Focus Stories’ approach and skilful adult ‘scaffolding’, rather than instruction, can boost young children’s engagement with books. By Lucy Rodriguez Leon and Tamsin Harvey

There are many developmental benefits of cooking. Penny Tassoni provides some tips for settings

Discover Children’s Story Centre is immersing visitors in stories. Annette Rawstrone reports