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An understanding of size aids mathematical development in children, but how can you support it? Nicole Weinstein offers some suggestions.

Create polar landscapes to help children learn about the people and animals that inhabit them, and to provide opportunities for role play, suggests Nicole Weinstein.

Design and technology sparks imagination and helps children begin to make sense of the world in which we live, says Nicole Weinstein.

In the second of a two-part series on developing fine motor control, Nicole Weinstein looks at resources for children aged three to five years.

This first in a two-part series looking at resources for developing children's fine motor control starts with the under-threes. Nicole Weinstein reports.

Children should be provided with a large variety of shapes in a range of situations to stimulate learning. Nicole Weinstein suggests some ideas.

Creative 'jungle' play can help improve children's understanding of the world, says Nicole Weinstein.

You can recreate a seaside experience by careful choice of resources, says Nicole Weinstein.

The quality of the tools provided for children to paint and draw is important. Nicole Weinstein suggests some key resources to encourage creativity.

Practitioners can support children's learning by providing as many real-life experiences with minibeasts as possible. Nicole Weinstein suggests resource ideas to make this possible.

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