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Nicole Weinstein provides pointers to resources and ideas that make understanding time a fun experience.

The home corner should reflect the children's culture and experience. Nicole Weinstein offers suggestions for building up a collection of resources for role play.

There is an abundance of useful resources to help children understand their physical differences and similarities. Nicole Weinstein selects a few that should stimulate discussion in the setting.

Using light and dark as a medium for discovery and learning is well established in settings. Nicole Weinstein suggests resources that will maximise opportunities to explore and investigate.

Visiting fire or police stations helps children understand about 'people who help us' but there is a wealth of resources settings can use for role play to support this theme

When deciding which resources to buy for shopping role play, choose products that children will instantly recognise, says Nicole Weinstein.

Resources that support superhero play are abundant and they need not be expensive.

Playing with toy farm animals and the resources that support their use broadens children's understanding of the world, says Nicole Weinstein.

Gardening helps children's development and brings them closer to nature, so having the right tools is essential, says Nicole Weinstein.

Rain, sun and fog are elements children can have fun exploring with suggestions in part two of our weather feature by Nicole Weinstein.