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Upheavals in family life may coincide unhappily with a young child's developmental stages, as Dr Maria Robinson explains.

The work of an education pioneer has profound relevance today, says Julian Grenier.

The many schemas explored by a three-year-old are described by Shelley Bannigan, family worker in the Snug at the Pen Green Nursery in Northamptonshire.

Imagination is a vital part of learning and development because it lets children understand and adapt to the wider world, says early years consultant Linda Pound.

Rising demand for babycare means nurseries must invest in new staff - and EYPs have much to contribute, writes Karen Faux.

The process of active learning is a two-way experience between children and practioners, says Neil Farmer.

One nursery tried a positive approach to giving children the power and independence to sort things out among themselves. Mariette Heaney describes the process and the results.

The case of a challenging child from a challenging family is explored by Dr Maria Robinson.

How do early years settings cater for exceptionally able children? Mary Evans hears from two of them.

If nappy changing becomes just a mechanical task, says Dr Maria Robinson, both baby and carer lose out.