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Children’s centres in poor areas help disadvantaged families to develop parenting skills, improve mothers’ mental health and children's learning at home, research shows.

Children who experience a good home learning environment in the early years and attend pre-school continue to benefit educationally at the age of 18, new research shows.

Outdoor sessions are bringing the Steiner Waldorf approach to education to families across Kent.

A three-year project aims to make it easier for early years practitioners to support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

A new research centre dedicated to the role of play in the early years is being established at Cambridge University, thanks to a grant from the Lego Foundation, the toymaker’s charitable arm.

Unsafe and derelict playgrounds are on the rise, according to a new survey of parents.

Eight in ten teachers think investing more in the quality of early years education would improve primary school results, finds a new survey.

Seeing how long a toddler can wait before they pick up a raisin can indicate how well they will do at school at the age of eight, a new study claims.

Almost half of very premature babies are not receiving vital developmental checks, figures show.

A documentary charting the development of 50 four-year-olds at nursery re-emerges as a series tomorrow.