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Meeting the emotional and learning needs of the unique child.

Her daughter struggling to make friends at school was a major worry for Working Mum, until her teacher found some solutions

In this instalment of her series on groundbreaking thinkers in the early years, Linda Pound discusses Swiss educator Johann Pestalozzi, the ‘starting point of modern educational theory and practice’

Speech and language strategy Time to Talk is improving children’s communication skills in Warwickshire, finds Annette Rawstrone

Why is touch so important for babies and young children? Because it is linked to healthy physical and emotional development, Anne O’Connor explains

In response to potential loss of business to school settings, many nursery chains are providing in-house enhancement programmes to improve children’s learning and staff skills, writes Annette Rawstrone

Meeting the emotional and learning needs of the unique child

Trust and respect – both between children and practitioners, and parents and practitioners – are central to effective early years practice and pedagogy, explains Kathryn Solly

In the fourth part of our series marking Early Education and Nursery World's tenth decades, Kathryn Solly and Sue Allingham reflect on the contribution of Susan Isaacs

The increasingly popular BASE Babywatching programme aims to boost children’s empathy in order to tackle violence in schools and beyond. Griselda Kellie-Smith and Andrea Perry explain how it works