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Children at two are not 'ready' for reading, says Sally Goddard Blythe. They don't have the physical equipment for learning formal skills.

What do you do when a parent blames nursery staff for a child's difficult behaviour? Sue Chambers advises.

Help is at hand for those seeking to organise physically active play environments.

Growing interest in each other will affect the social development of two-year-olds. Penny Tassoni suggests ways of supporting them in interacting socially

Rolling and crawling develop strength, stamina and co-ordination for physical activity. Lala Manners provides guidese for practitioners and parents

As the parent of a young child, you'll know what it feels like to be bombarded with guidelines about your child's fitness. Lala Manners provides suggestions

Sue Chambers suggests ways of getting to the root of a child's messy eating and delayed language.

Lala Manners explains the principles behind the many approaches to physical development and the training available for practitioners.

A Bedford-based nursery's strategy for developing children's communication skills has won it a major award.

Don't be surprised if one day, your four-year-old wants to don a cape and rush off to catch some baddies. And don't be alarmed either.