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A menagerie of pets is bringing joy and learning benefits to the children of St Edward's C of E School in Rochdale, says head teacher Lynne Coxell.

Hear 'physical development' and you'll probably think of the health benefits that a good diet and lots of running around can bring your child. In fact, physical development is fundamental to every aspect of your child's life.

Creating enabling environments to promote the physical development of babies and young children is the main focus in the first of a three-part series by Clare Crowther. Photographs by Paul Box at Norland nursery, Bath

An established speech and language course is gaining new momentum. Karen Faux explains.

The inclusion of physical development as a Prime area of the revised EYFS will have a powerful impact on a child's emotional well-being and later learning, says Anne O'Connor.

Throwing, catching, kicking and batting are essential physical skills with social pluses, says Lala Manners.

Resources originally designed to support special educational needs can be beneficial for all young children, says Anne O'Connor.

Everything from household chores to tumbling heightens body awareness, explains Anne O'Connor.

Construction play is ideal for developing both gross and fine motor skills. Ruth Thomson provides a round-up of the building sets on offer.

Gross motor skills are the building blocks of cognitive development. Annette Rawstrone looks at resources to exercise large muscle groups.