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Being in the city doesn’t mean children can’t learn about the natural world. Marianne Sargent looks at one nursery connecting urban with earth

Action research has helped to develop a nursery garden to better provide open-ended opportunities for learning, as well improving practice. Teacher Sue Duglan breaks down the transformation.

A project involving British and international nurseries is focusing on getting young children to engage with their local communities. Marianne Sargent finds out how it is taking shape.

A creative raft-building project at one setting prompted a range of learning opportunities and discussions about the wider world. The nursery's artist-in-residence Rosie Potter explains.

A 'monster' sighting at one nursery sparked a project looking at a range of themes.

Settings based on outdoor learning are growing in popularity - and providing focused, creative provision inspired by their individual environments. Nicole Weinstein takes a look at some of the different approaches on offer around the UK and the benefits for children.

Story Square harnesses the power of storytelling to give children a voice through play - and enable others to learn about them. Class teacher Jay Ramsey shares his setting's experience

Two-year-olds have a natural interest in exploration, but how can nurseries best use this to meet the learning area Understanding the World? Marianne Sargent finds inspiration in Northamptonshire

A setting rescued from closure by parents is providing outstanding provision with creative and critical thinking at the heart of its practice. Marianne Sargent explains

The forest school approach is growing in popularity, and it is taking a variety of different formats as settings embrace it in ways that reflect their individual needs. Nicole Weinstein explains.