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Environment has a major effect on well-being, say Anthony Boulanger and Yeoryia Manolopoulou, directors of AY Architects, who offer some advice to those planning to build or refurbish a setting

The volume of plastic now littering the environment has provoked widespread realisation that our consumer habits need to change. Meredith Jones Russell reports on the settings leading the way

In the final instalment of this series, Mark Traynor of HRC Law reviews the trends, big spenders and notable themes of 2017

Members of the expert panel which will be vetting new early years apprenticeships have been announced.

Mark Traynor, of HRC Law, gives the lowdown on April’s deals of note

‘Going green’ isn’t just a moral decision – it can be a good business move when energy savings are taken into account, finds Beena Hammond

What is the Passive House building method, and why should you care? Kids Love Nature’s Sarah Emerson and Liverpool John Moores University’s Diane Boyd and Nicky Hirst explain

With the number of self-employed people on the rise, ad hoc childcare is proving popular, reports Gabriella Jozwiak

In the third part of our sustainability series, Diane Boyd and Nicky Hirst of Liverpool John Moores University, and Sarah Emerson of Kids Love Nature, look at two key elements – bees and trees

In the first of a series on sustainable ideas for your setting, Sarah Emerson, head of education at Kids Love Nature, gives an overview of how managers can go green and save money in the process