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Little ones need to nap, eat and be changed. Karen Faux looks at how to provide for these essential daily routines.

Babies and toddlers learn from experience and love to explore all sorts of shapes, sizes and textures of even the most basic household items. Nicole Weinstein explains the joy of treasure baskets and heuristic play

Music for babies and toddlers, by Anna Corballis Fry

Simple physical play with a child's carer can stimulate a function that is linked fundamentally to language and sensory development, says Anne O'Connor.

Many early years settings used to allocate their youngest, least experienced staff to the baby room as more skilled practitioners were diverted to older children's learning. Laura Marcus asks practitioners and managers about how attitudes and practices may have changed.

The characteristics of true free-flow play are observed by Anne O'Connor.

Explore and experiment on the world beneath our feet with activities from Pat Brunton and Linda Thornton.

What are the problems and what action is being taken to solve them? ... Birth to Threes, A Unique Child, Child Development, Practice, Communication, speech and language

Try these ideas for fun suggested by Jean Evans with a versatile resource that's easily accessible and perhaps even home-made.

You can't beat a plain old cardboard box for one of the most versatile playthings, says Claire Stevenson.