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With only a matter of months before the extended two-year-olds scheme comes fully into force in September, what can nurseries do to accommodate the new families? Ruth Thomson offers some guidance.

Practitioners should aim to give children the best possible chance for meaningful communication and language learning, advises Kay Mathieson.

Understanding both physical and psychological environments is key when creating areas for two-year-olds. Julia Manning-Morton explains how settings' management of this impacts on children's well-being.

Integrated working is sure to be important to the success of the two-year-old funded programme. Ruth Thomson considers some of the children's centres and local authorities leading the charge.

It is essential to put strong processes in place to ensure quality provision for twos, says Vicky Hutchin.

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The benefits of lunchtimes go far beyond simple nutrition - so it makes sense to offer them to funded twos, argues senior LEYF associate Sue Chambers.

The development of gross motor skills manifests itself in many forms, but how can we best support children's physical learning? Early years consultant Penny Tassoni offers some expert insight

Make sure that your setting is offering sufficient opportunities and resources to provide for the common play patterns and schemas of two-year-old children, advises Penny Tassoni.

The tantrums, biting and defiant behaviour often associated with this age group can be managed when you understand the reasons behind it, says Penny Tassoni.