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Everyday items brought into a play environment are attractive to toddlers and help their learning and development. By Penny Tassoni

Noticing what a baby is attending to, and then talking to them about it, boosts language development. By Dr Danielle Matthews, Dr Michelle McGillion and Professor Julian Pine

The best weaning method is baby-led and involves interesting, nutritious food, writes Mary Llewellin

How to introduce this fun activity. By Penny Tassoni

Introducing toddlers to pop-up toys. By Penny Tassoni

Babies and toddlers aren’t just dropping objects for the fun of it, Penny Tassoni explains

Assemble a selection of natural materials for engagement and learning, says Penny Tassoni

In the third part of this series marking Early Education and Nursery World’s tenth decades, Dr Peter Elfer explains why the job of raising the status of, and investment in, caring for the under-twos is not over

All young children enjoy swings, which is handy because they aid development. By Penny Tassoni

Meeting the emotional and learning needs of the unique child