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The ‘epidemic’ requires a mix of early intervention and later support services, finds Charlotte Goddard

High-quality parenting programmes can support vulnerable people and their ability to parent. Charlotte Goddard profiles one such programme and the challenges facing this type of intervention

Nurture Groups offer children and young people with difficult emotional, social and behavioural needs a safe place within their school where their problems can be addressed. By Caroline Vollans

Boundaries, drawing the line, saying ‘no’ – it’s time to disentangle the terms, explains Caroline Vollans

Why do some children bite and what is the best way to deal with it? Penny Tassoni provides some helpful advice

Behaviour is an area of early years learning as important as any other. Annette Rawstrone finds out how some settings approach it

The sector is struggling to develop staff teams that meet the needs of two-year-olds, though some are making great strides. Annette Rawstrone talks to one nursery about its road to Outstanding

A training programme tackling nursery exclusions is giving some practitioners a new understanding of behaviour. By Annette Rawstrone

An inclusive programme is developing parents’ self-esteem and family relationships by looking at the importance of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Annette Rawstrone explains

How do children's emotional skills affect future success? Hannah Crown reports on new research and training