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A study of the effects of sleep training has reignited the debate over the controversial method.

Researchers are hoping they have put anxieties over baby sleep training to bed for good – after a study found the controversial method has no impact on stress hormones or bonding.

Parental conflict is damaging to children’s future life-chances and relationships and investment is needed, researchers have warned.

A government-funded study published days after the Prime Minister pledged to roll out parenting classes to all, has reported the scheme will fail without proper financial backing.

Just nine per cent of children aged between two and four are doing the right amount of physical activity, experts have claimed.

A new series of reports call for early intervention to be made a priority to prevent children as young as seven at risk of gang involvement and youth violence turning to crime.

A documentary charting the development of 50 four-year-olds at nursery re-emerges as a series tomorrow.

There is mounting evidence of a correlation between young children's balance and co-ordination and how well they do at school.

Findings from new research may shed light on why children with autism experience sensory overload.

Children who spend the longest amounts of time in group childcare are more likely to be hyperactive and aggressive, a new longitudinal study has found.