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3 January Saturday Play - Mary Poppins BBC Radio 4, 2.30 to 3.30pm

When Newcastle University's Childsplay Nursery was threatened with closure, the parents rallied to rescue it. Deputy manager Diane Gregory says,'They did not want to own it as a private concern. They wanted everyone to be part of it rather than being...

I would like to put a few points straight about the news story, 'Words fail minders at AGM' (27 November). Little did you know the headline was correct, but in another way. A debate held on the Saturday evening showed the true colours of National Childminding Association members attending the AGM in Torquay. At this debate it was very clear that the feeling was that the name 'childminder'

Childcare is the perfect sector for a co-operative enterprise, as Mary Evans finds in a team effort where the rewards go to members rather than outsiders Staff retention is always cited as a major problem facing managers of early years settings, but for one group of providers it is not an issue.

After reading the letter 'How do we avoid cooking up trouble' (Letters, 4 December), I felt that I needed to praise our wonderful cook, Toni. Soon after she joined us we found that we had managed to employ a complete gem. Toni is able to find recipes for most of our children's dietary needs, which take account of vegetarians, nut allergies, tomatoes, eggs, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, additives, oranges, pears and grapes.

I was reading the feature on an early years ICT project on dinosaurs ('Walking with dinosaurs', 27 November), and I noticed a mistake. I have been an archaeologist for five years. Archaeologists study the human past, but palaeontologists study dino- saurs. The two never mix. I also thought it was a bit inaccurate to use a metal detector to find bones, as this would never happen in real life.

From this summer, people across the UK will be able to access health information through their televisions. The NHS Digital TV service, which will cost 15m over three years, will enable users to access health information at any time. Initially, it will...

Primary schools across the UK were among the winners in the Government's annual Nat- ional Training Awards, celebrating innovation and excellence in training and development. The education sector had a record number of 32 winners, including four special awards. There were more than 1,000 entries to the programme, organised by UK Skills for the Department for Education and Skills.

'While no system of vetting job applicants is 100 per cent perfect, the fact that someone applying for a job that involves unsupervised direct access to young children with a history of allegations of sexual offences against him like Ian Huntley goes unnoticed is of great concern' Shane Kelly, safer care advisor for the charity NCH, on the verdict of the Soham murder trial

Anti-social behaviour is being stopped in its tracks with an educational approach that is putting young children in touch with their emotions. Lindsay Clark investigates Almost everyone has an opinion on how to stop children becoming delinquents as they...

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