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In response to Marcella Cunningham (Letters, 22/29 December), allergies can be difficult, but with effective management and advice they are manageable. By following medical guidelines you should be able to achieve good management of the condition, provision of a safe environment and inclusion,without infringing on anyone's quality of life.

Nearly 90 per cent of parents and carers would talk to their baby more when out and about if their buggy faced them, according to a survey carried out by a literacy charity. The results are from an online survey of more than 800 parents and carers by Talk To Your Baby, the National Literacy Trust's early language campaign.

By Sue Owen, director of NCB's early childhood unit I think we've become too snobbish about the word 'quality'. We feel that it no longer means anything because it has too many different meanings for too many different people. We hunt in vain for a substitute that will allow us to talk fluently about the fact that we want services for young children to be as good as they can be.

A scheme to help low-income families find affordable childcare in London could become a model for subsidising nursery places across the rest of the country. This month all 33 London boroughs are invited to take part in the second round of bidding for the London Development Agency's Childcare Affordability Programme to go live from April.

Why must every children's centre include a qualified teacher? This seems outrageous, as it discriminates between nursery nurses and teachers. Does the Government think a nursery nurse cannot do the same job as a teacher? If qualified staff have imagination and are eager to provide a high-quality, stimulating environment, then there should be no difference in the curriculum in a centre. I believe that nursery nurses provide a hands-on approach and teachers want to see more of an end result.

* UV Architects have been contracted to design a new nursery for the Victory School at Elephant and Castle in south London. The nursery will cater for 25 two- and three-year-olds and include a parents room and computer suite.

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