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Measures of children’s progress – especially one-off assessments such as the baseline in Reception – are flawed, meaning neither policy-makers nor children benefit, say Alice Bradbury and Guy Roberts-Holmes

The OECD’s upcoming international study of early learning outcomes for five-year-olds has raised concerns in the sector. Charlotte Goddard reports

Scotland’s Named Person scheme is planned to go national by September, but the policy has divided opinion, reports Charlotte Goddard

Childminder agencies are a hot topic again now that the DfE has drafted in the charity 4Children to support interested organisations, but the model still divides opinion. Charlotte Goddard reports

Following the Government’s review of childcare costs, Dr Jo Verrill, managing director of Ceeda, asks if more use of ‘variable staffing models’ is feasible

Play-based practice is vital, says Annette Rawstrone, who discusses the pedagogy, principles and obstacles

Following the announcements made in the Chancellor’s Autumn Spending Review, Dr Jo Verrill, managing director of research agency Ceeda, examines how providers will be affected financially

Do ICT and multimedia in the early years have positive potential, or are they a danger to development? Here, two experts make their case.

A new book looks at the ways we teach children and how we assess their progress - and sets out a vision for improving our methods. One of the book's editors, Dominic Wyse, explains.

Current intervention strategies to tackle social inequality aren't working - so perhaps it is time for a complete rethink of our approach to early childhood services, argues Helen Penn.