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Children gain an immense sense of achievement from creating something beautiful from a few simple sticks, says Julie Mountain.

Playing with toy farm animals and the resources that support their use broadens children's understanding of the world, says Nicole Weinstein.

Children enjoyed the first signs of spring on their latest trip to the woods, explains Martin Pace, director, Reflections Nursery & Forest School, Worthing, West Sussex.

Woodworking in early years settings fosters creativity and problem solving, says professional sculptor and public artist Pete Moorhouse.

Jan Dubiel explains the changes to Expressive Arts and Design in the revised framework

Ann Langston explains the changes to Understanding the World in the revised framework

Judith Stevens explains the changes to Mathematics in the revised EYFS framework

Ann Langston explains the changes to Personal, Social and Emotional Development in the revised framework

A Liverpool infant school is finding new ways to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, says Ann Langston.

There's no end to the learning as well as the fun that can be found in creating a habitat for minibeasts, says Julie Mountain, a consultant working for Learning Through Landscapes.