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A traditional story from Diwali became an opportunity for role play, narrative and creative expression that was eagerly grasped by a whole class, as teacher Tessa Fenoughty explains.

Suggestions on choosing and using the most productive musical resources for babies and young children are offered by Emma Hutchinson.

Babies' baths are not just for home - find out what they can offer in the nursery, says Jean Evans.

Individual treasure boxes provide an ideal way to develop children's personal, social and emotional learning, say Stuart Hall and Carole Gibbons from Tanglewood Nursery School.

Parents were won over when a nursery let the children explore working with real tools, says Laura Wayman.

A deeper understanding of children's blockplay and significant improvements in practice in different types of settings were discovered in a unique research project by early years consultants Daniel Spry, Pauline Latchford and Annabel Hollis.

Early years settings uncertain of how to introduce music into everyday practice need simply find a real, live musician, as Linda Bance explains.

New resources for National Poetry Day give children a reason to rhyme, says Ruth Thomson.

Italian flair comes to Merseyside in a pilot scheme that celebrates recycled materials, reports Laura Grindley.

Building on children's use of cues, practitioners can work with them to engender greater playfulness in their learning.