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Parents will want their child's carer to know how to manage eczema. WellChild Helpline offers advice.

Children speaking different languages, or very little at all, learn to communicate happily at a nursery visited by Annette Rawstrone.

Observing the level of involvement that children show in their play can tell you much about their emotional well-being, says Anne O'Connor.

A unique structured therapy programme is changing the prospects of nursery children with speech and language delay. Ruth Thomson reports.

Disorders in physical co-ordination could be avoided by early years practitioners giving children simple exercises, as Mary Evans reports.

Children may remain emotionally affected long after an accident. Annette Rawstrone hears how.

A drop in the uptake of the MMR vaccine has led to an increase in this virus with the spotty rash. The WellChild helpline offers advice.

In a safe environment where they feel secure, even very small children can enjoy constructive problem-solving and concentrate for surprising amounts of time, says Anne O'Connor.

Vaccination has drastically reduced whooping cough in the UK, but it can still strike young children. The WellChild helpline offers advice.

An early years project aiming to promote inclusion through the creative arts challenged everyone's thinking. Louise Jackson explains how.