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'Doctor, my son has had a fever for over five days now. He's getting more and more unwell, can you help?'

Practitioners should acknowledge the feelings that separation can trigger in a young child, a parent and themselves, says Anne O'Connor.

Families of disabled children can find the festive period less stressful if they take take a different approach to typical Christmas celebrations. Rachael Clark and Katherine Runswick-Cole, both parents of disabled children, explain how

'Doctor, I've heard that measles is on the increase and that it can be serious. Is that true?'

How one nursery and key worker care for a child with cerebral palsy is described by Sue Learner.

'Doctor, I'm so worried. My daughter hasn't had the MMR vaccine and I think that she has German measles. What will happen to her?'

Crawling is an important physical stage in its own right which enables babies to break away from their carers for the first time, says Anne O'Connor.

'Doctor, my son has swollen cheeks! What do you think he's got? His grandmother thinks it's mumps!'

Tyres are perfect open-ended resources and link well to children's schemas, as Anne O'Connor observes.

Ways that nurseries can identify and promote children's readiness for reading are highlighted in studies considered by Kyra Karmiloff and Annette Karmiloff-Smith.